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An oriental themed build, great to use as a hub or lobby. A lot of space available for portals, sign walls and more! Has a platform so the build can be placed anywhere in your world!


A detailed yet simple build, great to use as a lobby or hub. Has a ton of space where you can have 6 portals comfortably, 8 sign-walls and many other things like loot-chests, etc. The spawn also features 2 large empty houses you can fill up with anything you need. Place it up in your words skies today for an affordable price!


Multipurpose map with a desert theme. Built to be used for KOTHs and PvP. Size: 105x105  


A detailed build great to use as a spawn, lobby or hub, with lots of space for portals, chests and more! Size: aprox 170x170. Place in water for the best possible look!


A western themed skywars map with 12 islands. Size: 140x140  


A jungle themed skywars map with 8 player islands + 4 support islands!